Box Real Estate LLC is partnered with Florida Trust Realty, Inc. to provide exceptional property management services to all of our clients and their investments.

Florida Trust Realty, Inc. is a full service property management firm. With over 24 years of experience in the Broward and Plam Beach counties they are able to provide our clients with strict attention to detail and thorough analysis, planning and strategy to accomplish their goals.

They have a proven track record of positive performance in the field of asset and property management with a client list spanning developers, private investors, and institutional owners throughout the hemisphere.

Commercial Management Services

  • Dedicated property acquisition/disposition, leasing, & tenant negotiation through Box Real Estate LLC
  • Monthly annual accounting, reporting, and budget
  • Full operating expense reconciliation
  • Insurance negotiation and renewal
  • Staffing and oversight of employees and contractors
  • Construction and build out management